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Below is a selection of world cup games from 1990.

Group B
Soviet Union

Jun 08  Milan       Argentina     v Cameroon     
Jun 09  Bari        Soviet Union  v Romania      
Jun 13  Naples      Argentina     v Soviet Union 
Jun 14  Bari        Cameroon      v Romania      
Jun 18  Bari        Soviet Union  v Cameroon     
Jun 18  Naples      Romania       v Argentina    



Argentina V Cameroon  0 -1


This was the opening game of the World cup finals, and this will be certainly remembered as producing one of the biggest upsets shock results in world cup history. Everyone expected Argentina to easily beat the African Nation, and all eyes were on Diego Maradona in this game. It was the Africans who made the more promising start to this match, howver throughout the first half the sportsmanship of the Cameroon players was very bad, and the first half hour of the match produced three yellow cards. Argentina also came close to taking the lead however it was all even at the half time interval. On the hour mark Cameoon’s midfielder Andre Kana Biyick was sent off for a foul on Argentine striker Cannigia. Chances kept falling to both side, however in the 67th minute, to everyone’s surprise Francois Omam-Biyick, headerd a goal the ball inot the net, Argentine goalkeeper Nery Pumpido was really at fault for the goal, as it should have been a routine save. Argentian struggled to get back into the game after that despite having an extra man on the field. In the 88th Minute, Argentine striker Caniggia ran past few players, and was badly fouled by Benjamin Massing. Massing was sent off for the foul, and Cameroon were down to nine men. However the score remained at 1-0, and Cameroon had now put African football firmly on the map.



Soviet Union  v Romania 
Romania won this encounter 2-0, with both goals coming from Marius Lacatus.


Argentina     v Soviet Union  2 -0
Nery Pumpidos nightmare world cup ended in this match when he was taken off injured during the match. Argentina properly kickstarted their campaigne with a comfortable 2-0 victory with goals from Pedro Troglio and Jorge Burruchaga.



Cameroon      v Romania       2-1
On the hour of this match, Cameroon’s oldest footballer Roger Milla came on the field and changed the complexion of the whole game, he scored two fantastic goals, to put Cameroon 2-0 in front. Gavrila Balint scored a late consolation for Romania and the match ended up 2-1 to Cameroon.



Soviet Union  v Cameroon     
Cameroon were going into this match knowing that they were already through to the second round, however the Soviets knew they were already eliminated from the competition and were detwermined to restore some of their pride, and they did so emphatically. The Soviets won this match 4-0.



Romania    v Argentina
Both sides needed a point from this match to guarantee themselves a place in the second round. Argentina took the lead from a Pedro Monzon header which came from Diego Maradona’s corner kick. Romania immediately replied with a goal scored by Gavrila Balint. The game ended up 1-1 and both team were through to the knockout phase.







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