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Two classic matches

Argentina V Yugoslavia  0-0  (3-2 penalties)
This match was never a classic, Diego Maradona was on good form, howver neither side really produced many goalscoring opportunities and the game consequently went into extra time and then penalties. Maradona and Troglio missed penalties for Argentina, howver Yugoslavia missed three penalties, two of which were saved by Argentina’s new shot stopping hero, Sergi Goycoechea. Argentina were through to the semi finals.



West Germany V Czechoslovakia  1-0
After 4 good performances in the world cup, west germany were confident that they could beat Czechoslovakia. The Germans had the better of the earlier stage of the match. West germany were awarded a penalty in the 23rd minute which the captain, Lothar Mattaus cooley converted to the back of the net. That penalty was enough to give West Germany a victory that they probably deserved on the day.





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