West Germany 1954 world cup

In their opening match in the group, West Germany easily defeated Turkey 4-1. It was obvious that, should West Germany suffer loss to Hungary, an all too likely prediction given that from 1950 to the World Cup Hungary were undefeated, they would defeat Turkey in a play-off. This conclusion ended in an extremely poor West German team being fielded to meet Hungary, thus the Magyars won 8-3 without being really stretched. The Hungarians were forced to play the closing stages of this first round 8-3 win over West Germany with only ten men as substitutes were not permitted then.

West Germany took on Austria in the semi finals, from their incredible quarter final against the hosts. The Austrians understandably switched their keeper from one who had allowed in five; yet his substitute, Walter Zeman, had previously been dropped due that he was out of form. A nervous defence, an off-form goalkeeper who then proceeded to prove he was off-form by a many of disastrous misses set the stage for a calamitous 6-1 defeat for a side that would usually been expected to win against West Germany.

The Final between West germany and Hungary saw the Hungarians go 2 up after only 8 minutes, Yet even this short interval had taken its toll, the injury Puskas was playing with meant that Hungary really only had ten players, worse even as some would naturally assume Puskas to be able. Thus West Germany levelled after less than 10 minutes. The impossible had become the credible. The underdogs produced the performance of their lives which is what occured here as Toni Turek the West German keeper changed from the bad man who had conceded two goals, to the hero who stopped everything. Shot after shot came through without breaching the fortress. Then after 83 minutes of play Rahn of West Germany stormed through the Hungarian defence and netted. And two minutes later Puskas equalised, however the goal was disallowed for offside, a questionable but final decision. The West germans were winners of the 1954 world cup finals.


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