Brazil 1970 world cup

The 1970 Brazil world cup side is thought by many to be the greatest side ever in football history. Jairzinho made his first appearance for Brazil in 1963 against Chile. However, injury and the form of the great Garrincha meant that Jairzinho could not sustaine a run in the Brazilian side until the 1970 finals. Jairzinho was deadly, for his finsihing was powerful and precise. There, perhaps, has never been a better player than Jairzinho, who enjoyed nothing more than running at terrifying speed towards the opposite goal line; not easy to dispossess, the opposing fullback would, as like as not, make a poor challenge that would send Jairzinho flying: he was, therefore, very common to injury. In compensation for his side, giving away a free kick to Brazil has always been a dangerous proposition if the goal is within distance. Jairzinho netted in several great goals in his career, of which more anon.

Tostao, who had performed credibly for Brazil in 1966, was perhaps the star player who played in the Finals in 1970. Tostao (and Brazil), who decided to risk much for the chance of the title “World Champion”. Tostao stayed a very influential player for the nation, although he had become much more cagey when it came to tackles in the air. Tostao had not lost any of his perceptiveness when it came to forming in anticipation of through balls; his capability to trap and bring under control a ball stayed unsurpassed, as did his skill in keeping onto the ball until support had arrived. Often his opponents couldn’t even see the ball, never mind put in a tackle. For he could twist and turn, sinuously advancing to the opponent’s goal whilst so doing; what made him the worst nightmare for many a defence was the extreme difficulty of guessing what Tostao would do next. Very experienced, Tostao had made his first appearance for Brazil in 1963, he was never to play better than he did in 1970. Pele was also a great in the side, hailed as the 'best player in the world. Brazil won the match of the competiton in a 1-0 super win over England in the group stages.

Brazil won the world cup final against italy, and there could be no doubt as to the score line, one met with approval by the crowd as Brazil constantly pressured. The performance was finsihed by yet another goal, four minutes from the end Alberto’s move towards the Italian penalty box from the right was seen by Pelé who calculatingly placed the ball in his area, all Alberto had to do was shoot, shoot with accuracy and shoot with force, he did so, the ball speeding towards the far post past a goalkeeper with no chance of saving. Brazil had won, they had won arguably the finest finals ever, they had won with one player Jairzinho becoming the first ever to net in a goal in every match, they had won without the finest soccer team ever produced by a nation contesting the World Cup finals. Zagalo Brazil’s manager had himself played for the mighty 1958 and 1962 Brazil team.



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