Rugby World Cup Game


The opening game of the 2003 tournament; Argentina and Australia at Telstra Stadium in Sydney.The current model features 20 countries competing over a month in the host nation(s). There are two stages, a group and a elimination. Nations are divided into four groups of five countries, A through to D. The group allocation system seeds teams ranked one through to four from the previous tournament, into A through to D groups respectively. The other four automatic entrants——the losing quarter-finalists from the previous tournament are drawn into an individual group at random.

The remaining positions in each group are occupied by the qualifiers. Nations play 4 group games, playing their respective group members once. A nation will acquire four points for a win and two points should they draw. Bonus points can be gained through scoring four tries in a game or by losing by a margin of seven points or fewer. Total points determine overall group positions, based on cumulative game points. If a game scores in a tie during the group phase, it will be a draw (two points each). If two or more teams are level on points, a system of criteria (starting with (i) through to (v)) is used to determine the higher rank. If there is no resolution through the five steps stipulated by the criteria, then step (vi) decides the higher rank through the Official IRB World Rankings.

The victor (first position) and second place (second position) of each group progresses to the elimination stage. The elimination stage consists of quarter and semi-finals, and then the final. The victor of each group is placed against a second place of an opposing group in a quarter-final. The victor of each quarter-final goes on to the semi-finals, where the respective victors proceed to the final. Losers of the semi-finals contest for third place (called the 'Bronze Final'). Should a tie finishes during an event in the elimination stages, the victor is determined through extra time. Should that fail, sudden death commences, and as a last resort, a kicking tournament.






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